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The History Of The Alfa Romeo Logo

The History Of The Alfa Romeo Logo
Here at Avanti Autos we have a special affection for the Alfa Romeo badge, staring proudly at us as we shove our heads under the bonnet. It has a wide spectrum of admirers, not limited to us Alfa enthusiasts. It is heavily influenced by the crusades, and heroic deeds from many centuries ago.

Even though it has changed significantly over the decades, the Alfa Romeo logo is still widely regarded as one of the most beautiful car manufacturer's emblems ever designed. It has undergone numerous modifications over the years, its earliest version being introduced in 1910.

It is thought that the emblem depicted the coat of arms of the Visconti family, the most influential and powerful family in Milan at the time. The emblem also carried a Red cross on a white background, thought to symbolize the courage of Giovanni Da Rio, also believed to be the first man to climb the walls of Jerusalem and erect a cross there in the first crusade.

The original emblem of Alfa Romeo contained the company name “ALFA” (an acronym of “Anomina Lombarda Fabrica Automobili”) and “Milano” which is broke up by two figures of eight knots.

After the company was bought by Nicola Romeo in 1915, the logo was redesigned to show the new company name, “Alfa Romeo”,  Another change was introduced in 1925 to add a wreath, commemorating the company’s recent worldwide successes.

We hear rumours that it is about to be redesigned again, so we can only hope that they do not ruin decades of design brillliance.

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Calendar iconPublished on 2 February 2015

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